Let the Goldhunt Begin!

In TrezzureHunt you hunt and hide virtual treasures on real locations. Gain gold as you find treasures hidden by other players and let others hunt for your own hidden treasures.


What makes TrezzureHunt exciting?

In the game you take clever pictures to reveal a real geographical location. In the virtual treasure, you place as much gold as you like. When the treasure is revealed by other players, you will also gain gold as a kick-back.

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Features you´ll love

Virtual treasures on real locations

Hunt or create own virtual treasures and place them on an easy-to-view map interface familiar to you. With your smartphone camera you take clever pictures placed on real locations


Compare your achievements against other players. Gold status include: Overall, Weekly and Monthly

Superfast to log in

It’s super easy to login through Facebook or e-mail. Just use your Facebook account to verify you or create a new account with your e-mail address. Just use the confirmation code sent to your mailbox and you’re good to go.


Choose a mission and see if you got what it takes to find all the treasures. Use the picture and the hints to find that exact spot. Once completed you will be rewarded with both gold and a badge.

Kickback and feedback

You will receive messages from other players when they find treasures that you have hidden. You will also receive bonus gold when your hidden treasures are found by others.

  • 1
    Download on the App Store

    Click here or simply search TrezzureHunt on App Store

  • 2
    Set it up

    Don’t forget to Allow TrezzureHunt to know your position as this is the central function in the game.

    Super simply log in by Facebook or by e-mail.

  • 3
    Enjoy the TrezzureHunt world

    You will find treasures around you wherever you are – just go out and get them!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TrezzureHunt available for Android devices?

Channlz Communications AB is a small startup company. We keep things simple and grow where we have success. Developing mobile apps takes time and resources and for the moment we only have TrezzureHunt for IOS devices.

Why does TrezzureHunt need to know my position?

The position is central in TrezzureHunt. If the exact position isn’t available – then it is not possible to seek for or place treasures.

Is my position tracked and registered?

TrezzureHunt need to know your location to be able to tell where you are on the map. It is only the position of the picture that is registered in the game. Your position is never recorded or saved anywhere. TrezzureHunt only ask your device for the location when the app is in use.

Why does TrezzureHunt ask permissions to access my camera library?

When you take a picture in the game, the app automatically saves the picture to your camera library. This mean that you won’t need to take an “extra” picture outside the app if you want to keep it in the camera library. You can only upload a picture to the game through the camera directly, not through your camera library.

What happens if I allow notifications?

Then TrezzureHunt will notify you when other players have found your hidden treasures. You will gain 10% of the treasure current value every time other players find it.

How many times can my treasure be found?

Each treasure can be found 10 times by 10 different players.

Why isn’t the treasure hidden where the treasure chest is placed in the blue circle?

The treasure chest is an indication what type of treasure is hidden. The blue circle indicates the size of the area where the treasure is hidden within. The place of where the picture is taking represents the exact location of the treasure. When you think you have found where the picture was taken, click on search. If you are on the right spot, you will get the gold.

I know I’m at the exact location where the picture was taken but I cannot search for it or I have no result when searching.

When placing a treasure, it is important that a clear and good GPS signal (position) is achieved. If your position is unstable, the blue dot, can flicker back and forth over the map. If this was the case when the treasure was placed, then the place of the treasure might not be correctly on the map. The same thing can also happen if a treasure was placed indoor.


You can download TrezzureHunt from the Apple AppStore

*Works on iOS 11+

To get in contact with the TrezzureHunt team send a mail to